Premium Beef From Pure Breeding
Japanese Black Wagyu
Raised by Expert Ranching


〈1.Nurture the Steer〉What Sets Oda Chikusan Apart
Japanese Black Wagyu delicately balanced
between lean meat and fine streaks of fat:
"Beef With Character"

At our company's core is a belief that cattle raised in a healthy atmosphere
yield delicious meat. The balance between lean meat and streaks of fat is
essential to creating our “Beef With Character." Constantly seeking
improvement, in 2017 we constructed new facilities with recent innovations
that contribute to raising healthy cattle: knowing that the initial 4 months
of a steer's life is the key, our environment is low-stress on the animal to
encourage healthy growth of the body and bone structure. Veterinarians
inspect the cattle daily and record the condition of each steer. Our attention
and care has been our hallmark for 40 years, and the award-winning Oda
Chikusan Japanese Black Wagyu is now available for enjoyment overseas.

〈2.Attention to Breeding〉What Sets Oda Chikusan Apart
New Fattening Facility Constructed in 2017

Our new fattening facility was constructed at the south end of
Kagoshima's Satsuma Peninsula near Chiran-cho, an area overlooking
the dormant volcano Mt. Kaimon. The facility entrance has a
specialized disinfecting shower for all vehicles, including the largest of
transport and construction trucks, to be sanitized when entering or
leaving the area. The buildings have high ceilings with excellent
ventilation and bedding is constantly adjusted using a shovel loader,
creating a healthy and pure atmosphere. Japanese Cedar and Japanese
Cypress bedding promotes low-stress and relaxation by the cattle.

〈3.Superior Feed〉What Sets Oda Chikusan Apart
Odagyu's Unique Feed is
Mixed from 12 Ingredients,
Including Rice and Ground Barley

Our experience has shown that in our original feed, rice and ground barley are essential ingredients for producing sweet, juicy, and “melting” meats. Traditionally, cooked rice was fed to cattle to create the unique Japanese Wagyu flavor. We researched feeds to find a perfect balance for digestion and nutrient absorption though a steer’s four stomachs, and scientifically confirmed data reveals the flavor and consistency of our Odagyu-brand Japanese Black Wagyu is a direct result of our original 12-ingredient feed.

〈4.Skilled Processing〉What Sets Oda Chikusan Apart
Odagyu Processing Facility Produces for
Our Clients and Our In-House Shop

A spacious new 300-square-meter processing facility and shop were constructed
in 2016. State-of-the-art flash freezing units often used for vegetables and
produce were adjusted to keep our beef fresh and juicy even after freezing and
thawing. Hams and sausages are produced in-house by experienced staff using
our original processing methods, and our meats are slowly marinated and
smoked over charcoal fire to produce our delicious and original Odagyu flavors.

In 1973, Kenichi Oda started as a beef cattle farmer with 2 cows. In 1975, he had 50 of beef cattle. His business grew gradually and he had 1,060 of beef cattle in 1993. In the end, he established "Oda Chikusan CO., Ltd." in 1996. After that his hard work had been making his business bigger, now we're raising 3,877 of beef cattle and 400 cows. 'Oda Chikusan Co., Ltd.' is one of the biggest farm in Kagoshima.

Kenichi Oda had been dreaming of becoming a cow rancher, because he loved cow so much. As soon as he was graduated from high school he became a beef cattle farmer. At that time his job didn't pay well, but with his parents' help, he could keep on dreaming. His father used to go to big cities to find some work. His mother used to raise cows with him. After getting married, his wife and children helped him a lot. It was kind of 'family-business', everyone worked so hard. Their life was not so smooth but they were happy. One day his wife said to him "we could go out with children at least once a month." His wife's hope gave him an idea to incorporation. It took 50 years to run his farm business smoothly. Sometimes he was stuck in some problems, but he thinks now looking back it was good memories. We hope 'Odagyu' could make everyone happy after having it.

Awards Received by Oda Chikusan Black Wagyu

1976 Kagoshima Prefectural Beef Competition, 1st Prize
1976 Kagoshima Prefectural Beef Competition, Prize of Excellence
1978 Kagoshima Prefectural Beef Competition, Prize of Excellence
1981 Kagoshima Prefectural Beef Competition, Award of Excellence
1981 Kowadaya Company Ltd. Beef Competiton, Award of Excellence
1990 Kagoshima Prefectural Livestock Competition, Award of Excellence
1995 The 45th Kagoshima Prefectural Livestock Competition, 1st Prize
1995 Kawanabe-gun Livestock Competition, 1st Prize
1997 The 11th Asano Livestock Competition, Bronze Prize
1999 The 13th Asano Livestock Competition, Gold Prize
2000 1st Prize, Beef Cattle Cooperative Sales, Minami-Satsuma Agricultural Co-op
2000 Kaseda City Beef Cattle Competition, 1st Prize
2006 Kagoshima Prefectural Beef Competition, Gold Prize
2009 Kagoshima Prefectural Beef Competition, Award of Excellence

Company Profile

Company name : Oda Chikusan Co., LTD.
President : Kenichi Oda
Headquarters : 5489-3, Kaseda Masuyama,
Minamisatsuma-shi,Kagoshima,897-1125, Japan
Phone +81-993-52-8829
1973 Farmed / Breeding Cattle: 2
1975 Breeding Cattle: 50
1990 Breeding Cattle: 560
1993 Breeding Cattle: 1,060
1996 Incorporation
2007 Breeding Cattle: 3,300
2013 Breeding Cattle: 3,878
2021 Breeding Cattle: 4,558