We send Japanese Black Beef 'Odagyu' from our farm.

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In 1973, Kenichi Oda started as a beef cattle farmer with 2 cows.
In 1975, he had 50 of beef cattle.
His business grew gradually and he had 1,060 of beef cattle in 1993.
In the end he established “Oda Chikusan CO., Ltd.” in 1996.
After that his hard work had been making his business bigger, now we’re raising 3,877 of beef cattle and 400 cows ‘Oda Chikusan Co., Ltd.’ is one of the biggest farm in Kagoshima.

Kenichi Oda had been dreaming of becoming a cow rancher, because he loved cow so much. As soon as he was graduated from high school he became a beef cattle farmer.
At that time his job didn’t pay well, but with his parents’ help, he could keep on dreaming. His father used to go to big cities to find some work. His mother used to raise cows with him.
After getting warried, his wife and children helped him a lot.
It was kind of ‘family-business’, everyone worked so hard.
Their life was not so smooth but they were happy.
One day his wife said to him “we could go out with children at least once a month.” His wife’s hope gave him an idea to incorporation.
It took 40 years to run his farm business smoothly.
Sometimes he was stuck in some problems, but he thinks now looking back it was good memories.
We hope ‘Odagyu’ could make everyone happy after having it.